Monday, 6 February 2012

In Pictures: Red Carpet Award Ceremony At The Royal Court

Jaipur: the forth Jaipur international film festival was help at the City Palace on Tuesday in the traditional style of Rajasthan’s culture. In the evening of closing ceremony of the red carpet, Rajasthan’s artist presented the various dance forms called ghoomar, chirmi and kalbelia. On this occasion actor Ompuri, academy Oscar winner producer Mark bashit and singer Ela Aruna were also present.

Film city should be made: Om Puri

When such a big event is being organized here then there shall be made a film city also. If want to invite the film celebrities here than the state government has to take several steps. Bollywood is lacking such talented actors those gives a lively identity to the characters through their acting. I have shot many films and serials in Rajasthan. I have special. I have a special affection towards this country.

Award goes to:

For the best director Golden Camel Award to Asghar Farhadi for The separation film, the red rose award for the best film to Wahid Mohsayan of film Gulcharan, the yellow rose award for the upcoming film to Kim Loginatto of film Pink series, the best actress award for the film the desire a women of journey was given to Shilpa Shetty, best actress award in national category to Nutan Sinha, Best short film to open doors of India, award for best documentary to Delhi, the award for the best short film director to Mittu Kumar for India’s film Bawara man., the award for the best animation to The Jar from Iran, the award for best short film Rajasthan to Gaurav Panjawani. The award for the best documentary of Rajasthan to Anurag Sharma for the film Jalaiwala in Jungle, the award for the best animation of Rajasthan to Kuldeep Daini for LOC, the special jusry mention award was given to Rakesh Gogan for The End short film. The last day of ceremony a group of 80 students of the mass media institute ICIS from Mumbai also came to watch the movies.


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